Marion County homeowners demand repairs after local builder takes months to fix structural defects

Published: Sep. 22, 2022 at 11:01 PM EDT
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OCALA, Fla. (WCJB) - Multiple people who bought homes constructed by KM Reynolds Enterprises LLC say their homes have structural defects that take months for the builders to fix.

“I tell them where the planks were coming up and he says that sounds about right,” said resident Mary Macy. “I’m like well what do you mean? He says well when we were building the house we have to replace the floors when we were building. I’m thinking really you could have told me that.”

Brendon Lafferty is another homeowner that had a problem with his home. He said a leak in his roof was repaired, but he’s been waiting nearly a year to have drywall cracks fixed.

“We just liked to get our stuff fixed and just can’t believe and we’ve heard there have been numerous places from the same builder that have the same similar issues.”

At least three other homes have the same issues and owners say nothing is getting done.

“He literally showed me that my front porch outside where they were 100% humidity had less moisture in the concrete than in my house. No, I do not recommend them,” said Macy.

All the homeowners said they just want someone to fix what they paid for.

“It’s scary too even buying another house anywhere with other builders because my experience with this had told me there’s really not much to protect the homeowner.”

TV20 reached out to the builder, but the business has no phone number listed online. The address also pulls up a medicare center.

A superintendent told us workers have made repairs but right now, they’re backlogged.

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