Residents upset with Yes! Communities property management

Published: Jul. 16, 2022 at 12:44 AM EDT
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - Tenants living at a mobile home park in North Central Florida are in an uproar over living conditions.

Residents living at the Hidden Oaks mobile park said they informed management about mold, roaches, and security deposits not being returned in a timely manner, plus more.

Hidden Oaks is one of many Yes! Communities properties in Gainesville.

A renter tells me she complained to management about a crack in her bathtub multiple times. That led to a bigger problem she wasn’t expecting.

“Once they took the bathtub out, they discovered mold and mildew in the walls. They also said they were going to gut the entire bathroom and redo it along with the walls,” said Renter Vikki Strough.

That was back in April. Vikki said the repairs did not happen.

“They still took forever to come back out to my residence. They just painted over the mold on the walls and replaced the bathtub,” said Strough.

She isn’t the only resident who has complained about mold.

Renter Edward King said, “They just replaced my roof, and there is mold growing on the ceiling. It is also in my other bathroom”.

King also said he has been waiting one year for an exterminator.

“I talked to Brittany in the leasing office; she told me have you seen pest control prices lately? I told her I’m paying for it every month per my lease agreement. What are you doing? Are you trying to start a fight with me, “said Renter Edward King.

After living in Hidden Oaks for seven years, King said he is being forced by management to buy the home he is living in by October, or he has to leave.

“I got a notice saying that we’re not renewing your lease next year because you have to buy this place. I told management we’re not going to buy this place, whether you can’t renew me. I have a lot of problems going on with the home now”.

A homeowner said he had been harassed by management to keep his home up to the appearance standards of the leasing agreement.

“Management is constantly moving trailers in, but yet they don’t want to take the abandoned trailers out. There are homeless people and drug addicts that go in there, “said Homeowner James Melanson.

The abandoned trailer is diagonal from Melanson’s home; he has voiced safety concerns as people walk through his backyard, where his kids play, to get to the abandoned house.

Melanson also said there is mold in his home.

As I walked around the property, I noticed at least 16 expired inspection stickers on homes.

“They are supposed to come by and inspect the places to make sure that they are livable. They keep giving out notices that they will come by, then they don’t show up, said Renter David McConnell”.

The property is owned by the company Yes! Communities. Management told me they would contact me to address these complaints. I am still waiting. Nationwide there have been multiple complaints online about the company.

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