What’s Growing On: Three-Bin Composting

Published: Jun. 2, 2022 at 6:20 PM EDT
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - Recycling is something we commonly associate with items such as water bottles, cans, and plastic bags.

But reusing your excess food can help you be just as environmentally-friendly and can even kickstart your garden.

Dina Liebowitz is the program coordinator for the UF’s Field and Fork Program. She says that “composting is the ultimate recycling. You’re taking people’s excess food scraps, banana peels, eggshells and turning it into rich fertilizer for your garden.”

The recipe to make a good compost station is pretty simple. You need “the apple cores or colored scraps and then browns like grass clippings and then air, water, and a little bit of time and then you have amazing fertilizer.”

Dr. Liebowitz emphasizes that scraps that go straight to the trash ultimately end up in landfills that can lead to harmful environmental output, but the food you combed over at the dinner table can still have “magical properties where it will both hold on to water when it rains. It also releases water like a sponge and it’s really important to soils. Florida soils are so sandy and so hard to grow in.”

These properties don’t just help growing but save on your gardening resources and money.

Dr. Liebowitz adds composting helps with the water retention so you don’t have to water your garden very much. It slowly fertilizes your garden.

A three-bin composting system can be easy to make and simple to maintain.

Dina explains “you always have one bin where you’re adding things and you want it to be 3x3x3 foot so that it’s big enough where things can really heat up and start cooking.”

The other two bins are used for mixing the compost to keep it fresh, and eventually, you’ll fill up all three bins.

For more information on other methods of composting, visit here.

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